Variety is definitely the spice of life where eliquid is concerned

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls that has always been the case. Human nature cannot ever change that natural fact. Many years ago, it was considered taboo for women to be caught smoking a cigarette or pipe. Today, it is frowned upon and it affects sexes, the fairer one and the cowboy with his hats and boots. That’s because the government authorities finally got its own acts together by enforcing the rule of law.

It may be also worthwhile mentioning that, in reality, the legendary and iconic urban cowboy died from lung cancer due to years of excessive smoking. It’s now a known fact that traditional smoking, something thousands of men and women still do on a daily basis, damages the lungs, can cause lung disease and, finally give smokers lung cancer, the worst of all incurable cancers, and lead to premature and painful deaths.


So far so good for eliquid smokers, however. Government authorities may never need to stamp their authority on e-smoking product manufacturers and perhaps never will have to. E-liquid manufacturers never needed to throw caution to the wind and are still exercising responsibility, whether by corporate choice or government dictum, or both. Just one look at the warning labels online and all their product labels says it all.

In essence, they continue to put their customers first, not in the firing line, and continue the well-practiced habit of treating their customers fairly. There is a clear reminder that eliquid still contains nicotine, although never nearly as much as in traditional cigarettes. There is also the warning that nicotine remains a highly addictive and harmful substance which can cause diseases, not treat or cure them.